What do the Siamese twins look like now, who were separated at the age of two!

 What do the Siamese twins look like now, who were separated at the age of two!

The sweet babies Eva and Erica were born 2014 and their birth was somehow strange and rare. They had a common body and one pair of legs for them both. The conjoyned twins had hot used to be together and understood each other without a word.

But their parents didn’t want to put up with this situation and tried to provide a free and happy life for the two little babies. So they came up with the idea of separate them. And after a long lasting examinations and procedures the operation day was solved.

The sutgery lasted 18 hours which was really a difficult trial for both parents and doctors. And after this unbearable moments, the final result was really thrilling. Everything went well and the girls were healthy. Thry were sent home strong and happy after several months.

The recovery period was also hard as the two sweet creatures now had to learn to do everything on their owns. But it was worth it! Their separation opened new opportunities to master everything they wanted and live their life fully and independently.

Now the twins are 6 years old. They gained a second chance to live properly. They became local stars and everyone knew about them in the world by the journalists who were eager to meet them and speak about their story. The two little celebrities dream about becoming models or actresses in the future. We wish they could reach their dreams and had great successes in their path.

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