No bronze makeup and ponytail, J. Lo without photoshop and makeup

 No bronze makeup and ponytail, J. Lo without photoshop and makeup

Everyone is used to the fact that the stunning J. Lo always appears before the audience with bright makeup and a ponytail. She is always elegant and beautiful. She has never appeared in public without make-up and hair styling.

Probably, a few months ago, few people would have thought that Jennifer would show a photo in its natural form, without makeup.

It is likely that the artist is tired of the routine that arose due to the pandemic. It is high time to have a rest from that “heavy” cosmetic on the face.

The photo came out this weekend. She seems to have just woken up. She is still in a bathrobe with uncombed hair.

At the bottom of the picture, the singer wished everyone – “Good morning!”

The picture became popular among fans. This is evidenced by 2.5 million fan likes and their numerous comments. Everyone noted how young and fresh Jennifer looks for her age.

It is worth recalling that the singer managed to celebrate her 51st birthday. Some fans were inspired by this photo and started showing their morning selfies instead of compliments.

Sometimes the singer is asked how she manages to always look so beautiful and well-groomed. The secret of the singer lies in a good sleep. The actress tries to stick to an 8-hour sleep schedule. She believes that if a woman does not get enough sleep, then her skin wilts and quickly ages.

And peace of mind is also very important. If a person has spiritual harmony, then he is already happy, and this, as a rule, is always reflected on the face.

Secondly, the inner state must come into harmony. If everything is in order inside, if a woman is happy, then this will be definitely reflected on her face. A happy woman radiates beauty!

Do you agree with her? What are your beauty secrets?

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