Rare Photos: Celine Dion Showed How She Shook During A Seizure Due To An Incurable Disease!

 Rare Photos: Celine Dion Showed How She Shook During A Seizure Due To An Incurable Disease!

Canadian singer Celine Dion, who recently stepped away from the stage due to muscle spasms syndrome, showed journalists the ordeal she goes through during an episode. She is unable to move or speak, her hands are twisted, and facial muscles twitch, causing intense pain and leaving her groaning.

The 56-year-old star recently announced the release of a documentary about her life titled “Courage: Celine Dion.” In it, she shares details about her condition. For 17 years, the singer has battled painful symptoms that have hindered her musical career. Reporters witnessed moments where the artist endured severe spasms, rendering her completely immobile. At such times, medical personnel assist Celine through massages and pain-relieving medications.

Celine Dion kept her diagnosis of an incurable muscle spasms syndrome secret for 17 years. The illness forced her to step away from performing—episodes resembling choking made singing impossible. For a while, Dion avoided public appearances altogether, and news about her condition grew increasingly somber. However, she now speaks openly about her illness, makes more frequent public appearances, and recently premiered the documentary “Courage: Celine Dion,” which focuses on her life and her struggle with the neurological syndrome.

The singer has undergone numerous unpleasant procedures. Pain is particularly acute during syndrome episodes. “I don’t want to dramatize, but I could have died. I took dangerous doses of medication just to be able to walk. I had to learn how to swallow. I needed different medications to keep my body functioning normally. One pill, then two, then five… Too many pills, but the show must go on,” the singer revealed. She also admitted that for a long time, she tried to pretend everything was fine to avoid worrying those around her.

Despite her ongoing battle with the disease, Celine Dion can now move and occasionally delights fans with rare public appearances. Nonetheless, she continues to fight daily. However, this does not deter her from looking forward and making plans to return to the stage; the singer believes she will overcome the illness. Earlier, the artist explained why she remained silent about her illness for so long and at what point she decided to reveal the truth to the public.

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