They’ve known each other since childhood: Some amazing stars who went to school together

 They’ve known each other since childhood: Some amazing stars who went to school together

It can seem so interesting that many of the worldwide stars met long before they became famous. These outstanding people once studied together, and some of them managed to carry their companionship through the years. Here are some incredible celebrities who were familiar to each other from school.

P. Hilton and K. Kardashian

Two adorable stars sat at the same desk in elementary school. The girls continued to communicate in adulthood.

K. Hudson and L. Tyler

These actresses have a lot in common: in addition to the fact that the girls studied at the same school, they also both grew up in star families. Both of them were married to musicians. In addition, Hudson and Tyler became mothers in the same year.

L. Kravitz and N. Cage

Kravitz and Cage first encountered at one of the prestigious academies in Beverly Hills.

C. Diaz and S. Dogg

The cute performer and the admirable rap star are graduates of Long Beach Polytechnic High School. The rapper recalled her as an active member of the cheerleading group, and Cameron considered him as “a tall, thin guy with a bunch of ponytails in his hair.”

Ch. Bono and J. Aniston

They were close companions who didn’t part even after studies. But, after graduating, they stopped communicating: Jennifer took up an acting career, and Chaz (then Chastity) found herself in music and writing, and also changed gender and became a man.

Jessie J and Adele

The girls were classmates at the British School of Art. Once Jessie approached Adele in the school cafeteria and offered to sing a duet. Vocal sessions at lunchtime became a good tradition of girlfriends.

N. Hilton and L. Gaga

They are both graduates of a Catholic girls’ school. Even then, Stephanie (real name L. Gaga) was distinguished by her love for music and extravagant outfits. She appreciated business acumen in young Nicky which, as the singer admits, helped her later in building a career.

S. Penn and Ch. Sheen

They were at the same Santa Monica High School. Having received a matriculation certificate, the future celebrities moved to New York.

N. Kidman and N. Watts

Kidman and Watts attended the same college in Sydney. Actresses are intimate also now.

So, could you imagine that these prominent personalities would be so warm with each other?

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