“There are no more spots”: the baby with the “mask” on her face was cured

 “There are no more spots”: the baby with the “mask” on her face was cured

This baby has recently become famous all over the world, but you wouldn’t wish such glory on your enemy either. The fact is that Luna Fenner was born with a rare skin disease – nevus.

It was necessary to treat the stain because it nearly completely covered the girl’s face. The cost of the planned 80 surgeries that American scientists proposed proved to be unaffordable for the moon’s parents. However, there was a chance that the area would turn into a malignant formation, and this could not be allowed to happen, therefore time could not be wasted.

Pavel Popov, a Russian surgeon, learned of our little heroine at that very moment and offered to aid and treat her much more gently than his foreign colleagues would have. As a result of their consent, the parents moved to Russia and stayed there for almost two years, during which time numerous medical procedures were carried out one after another.

It’s important to note that the girl is now entirely free of the stain that some have previously referred to as the “Batman mask.” The baby’s face still had scars, but with a few more specialized treatments, they will be virtually invisible.

The mother of the girl is relieved that the worst part is over, but one case refuses to leave her mind. When she first brought her child to church, another girl was present. When she seen the Moon, she asked her mother with amazement what was going on with the child. Her mother answered that it was a “monster” and gave the directive not to look at the infant.

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