“Looks Like a Paradise”: Take a Look Inside Kevin Costner’s Stunning Colorado Ranch!

 “Looks Like a Paradise”: Take a Look Inside Kevin Costner’s Stunning Colorado Ranch!

Kevin Costner, renowned for his acting prowess and the hit TV series Yellowstone, transcends his on-screen ranch life to reality as the proud owner of a sprawling 160-acre ranch in picturesque Aspen, Colorado.

This idyllic retreat isn’t just a single abode but encompasses a primary residence, a charming lakeside house, and an inviting riverfront abode.

The allure of this magnificent property extends beyond its residences, offering a haven with a baseball field, a thrilling sledding hill, an ice rink for frosty adventures, and multiple hot tubs for ultimate relaxation.

The panoramic views of the Continental Divide enhance the enchantment of this retreat.

Accommodating up to 27 guests, this ranch is now available for those in search of an unforgettable retreat, with a nightly rental rate of $36,000.

As you explore the stunning images, you’ll witness the allure of the main house exterior, the inviting ambiance of the main kitchen, the comfort of the main master bedroom, the charm of the lakeside house, and the breathtaking views from the riverside abode.

Not to forget the recreational delights of the baseball field.

Mottier, the real estate agent representing this property, enthusiastically describes it as magical and tranquil, emanating an exciting energy that’s challenging to convey without experiencing it firsthand.

Despite being just a 10-minute drive from Aspen, the property transports you to a faraway paradise with its stunning backdrops and endless activities.

So, what’s your take on this stunning ranch?

Can you envision yourself immersing in the serenity and luxury it offers? Share your thoughts with us!


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