“It Cost Lots Of Money, But The Result Was Worth It”: The Couple Transformed an Old School Bus Into a Cozy Home On Wheels!

 “It Cost Lots Of Money, But The Result Was Worth It”: The Couple Transformed an Old School Bus Into a Cozy Home On Wheels!

Mandy and her husband Ritomo have spent nearly three years living in a converted vehicle and now plan to buy a new one. The couple undertook the unusual housing project themselves and are pleased with the outcome.

Canadian spouses Mandy and Ritomo, both 32, transformed an old school bus purchased for $6,000 into their dream cozy home. This was reported by The Mirror.The cost of living crisis and the state of the housing market worldwide seem to make renting accommodation difficult and buying it practically impossible. It’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to alternative measures, including tiny homes and converting vehicles into living spaces.

Mandy and her husband Ritomo converted an old school bus, which cost them $6,000, into a comfortable home on wheels where they live with their dog Oscar. Documenting their progress on social media, the Canadian couple shared the process of creating their home. They have been living in this unconventional home for almost three years now.

The spouses spent about two intense years renovating the bus. Mandy noted that, aside from a lot of sweat, blood, and tears, the entire project cost them approximately $25,000. They allocated $10,000 alone for solar panels. “We had never built anything in our lives, and we didn’t have much money. We mostly relied on YouTube, asked questions to friends who were more knowledgeable than us, and so on. We had one handy friend who kept coming to help us finish things. My cousin, who is an electrician, handled the electrical work. We didn’t want to risk a fire. We did everything we could to make the home beautiful using materials that were within our budget,” she said.

In addition to a magnificent piano and a bar dining area, the inside of the bus features a spacious kitchen, a living room with a television, a toilet, and a bedroom with a king-size mattress. When asked about the shower, Mandy explained they don’t have an external tank because Canadian winters are too cold, causing water to freeze. Instead, they have a propane water heater, and they take showers outside in the woods.”To be honest, this is one of the coziest homes I’ve seen in recent times. I just know you’re a pleasant person with interesting stories. I hope your life travels lead you to beautiful places, people, and memories,” wrote one commenter. It was also revealed that a man bought a 3-story house in Sicily for 85 pence and is turning it into a “dollhouse.” While searching for the cheapest houses in Europe, George stumbled upon the Euro Houses project, which sells abandoned buildings throughout Italy for next to nothing.

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