Do You Know What Are There On The Trees?: These Things Are On The Trees Can Stay There For Centuries!

 Do You Know What Are There On The Trees?: These Things Are On The Trees Can Stay There For Centuries!

Deep in the expansive landscapes of South Africa resides a small yet audacious bird known as the Common Social Weaver. Its name aptly reflects the bird’s evolutionary prowess in constructing collective nest-dormitories.

The team marvels at the remarkable architectural scale achieved by these birds through conscientious teamwork. Weaver birds collaboratively build nests that span not just generations but centuries, with some nests remaining intact for more than a hundred years.

The construction of these multi-story dormitories involves intricate techniques, featuring rooms for different purposes.

From personal chambers for breeding to communal spaces for groups of 3-5 birds, the nests also incorporate corridors equipped with a clever snake protection system.

The birds strategically attach sharp twigs to block the path of potential reptile invaders. Each nest boasts numerous false and true passages, accommodating several hundred birds simultaneously.

Some nests can reach impressive dimensions, measuring 8 meters in length, 2-2.5 meters in height, and weighing over a ton. Weaver birds have even mastered the art of building nests on power poles.

The purpose behind these elaborate structures lies in the challenging desert environment, where extreme temperature, humidity, and pressure variations pose constant threats.

Inside the nest, a stable microclimate prevails, protecting the birds from rain, dust, frost, drought, and predators. However, challenges arise when some predators breach the defenses, trapping the birds inside the labyrinthine nest.

Additionally, the choice of support for the nest can be crucial, as improper selection may lead to the collapse of the entire structure if the supporting tree breaks under its weight.

Despite these challenges, the Common Social Weaver’s architectural ingenuity remains a testament to nature’s incredible adaptations.

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