A few facts from the life of Jennifer Lopez that you definitely have not heard of ..

 A few facts from the life of Jennifer Lopez that you definitely have not heard of ..

Jennifer Lopez turns 50 in July this year. This is the woman who managed to remain in demand in the difficult world of the pop industry, despite all the difficulties that she had to face.

  1. She abstains from cigarettes and alcohol

Almost all his life, Lopez managed to refrain from bad habits, referring to the fact that it is harmful to the skin.

2. At work, she is desirable for male colleagues.

She is always in the center of attention men. During the filming of “Money Train” there were rumors that Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson both had a crush on her. But Jay did not think twice – they both were rejected, explaining that Wesley Snipes looked like a black Duke Nukem, and Woody Harelson comes from a family of murderers. This is the absolute truth, which is easy to verify.

3. She has cool nicknames

The star is absolutely not shy about what God has given her, showing her thighs to the cameras at every opportunity, and by this very star becomes the dream of all men on Earth. For this, she earned the nickname “Guitar”, which she had already received from her colleagues years earlier. This is due to her guitar-like figure, which everyone can appreciate.

4. Her career as a dancer has spanned over 40 years

One of the little-known facts is that she was a member of the Fly Girls, which appeared on one wonderful TV show, “In Living Color”.

5. She is not fluent in Spanish

Her native language is English, but with Spanish she has some problems.

6. Lo is afraid of darkness

The problem is that Jay is afraid of darkness like no one else in the world. She even refuses to go to bed with the lights completely off.

7. She promoted google images

Jennifer Lopez is the person who helped create Google Images. Do you remember that green dress she wore to the Grammys in 2000? “Jennifer Lopez dress” was the top search on Google.

This prompted the developers to think of creating Google images. And thus, Google Images was created and changed the world.

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